Shirr Dilemma

January 18, 2011

I LOVE shirring with elastic thread!

The first time I tried it I was completely hooked. It was fast. It was easy. It was Magic!

I’ve been surprised to find out that it’s not that easy for everyone. (Shock)

So, peeps, I’ve done a little research to get to the bottom of the Shirring dilemma once and for all!  (I hope)

If you are having problems with shirring there are a few things you can try before you get frustrated and through your whole project into the road.

1-What brand of sewing machine are you using? If you are using a Brother machine then there are a few extra steps you have to take to get it to work. Amber, at Creative Heart, has solved the problem for you here, or on Thrifty Fun here.

2-Does your machine have a drop in bobbin? Simple Analogy has a solution here.

3-Is your fabric Thick or Heavy? Thick or heavy fabrics are harder to shirr with elastic thread.

One method that you can try is- Put regular thread in the top and bobbin of your machine.  Starting on the wrong side of the fabric, lay your elastic thread along the stitching line and then zig zag over the top of it.  You will then be able to pull the ends of your elastic threads to the tightness that you like and tie the ends together in a knot.

I found another really great Shirring tutorial  at Ruffles and Stuff. Check it out here.

I hope that this post helps, and if you are still having problems feel free to comment. I will do my best to help figure the problem out.

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